Engage in an

eco-responsible approach

Equipment is necessary but not sufficient. Our urban furniture Zéromégot was designed to reduce the litter of cigarette butts in public spaces by mobilizing citizens. We accompany communities and businesses to facilitate the instigation of this eco-responsible approach.       

Become an influencer of eco-gestures

The rating systems are increasingly modeling behaviours. The Zéromégot free ashtray dispenser has a no littering sign but it is possible to add an information panel above the device which is attached to a post.

Equipping Zéromégot dispensers to combat urban pollution caused by cigarette butts is highly media-friendly and gives a positive and ecological image to your city or business. Moreover, it is a legitimate expectation for citizens and visitors who, instead of criminal measures, are offered a real solution.


The choice of installing the dispenser of free ashtrays Zéromégot is paramount. Billions of cigarette butts end up in the nature every year and pollute the fauna and flora especially the marine environment. Target strategic places: stations, universities, waiting areas, beaches, ski resorts, amusement parks, festivals...





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