The Eco-citizen Corner

Because the earth is not an ashtray, use our free Zéromégot ashtrays. Here are some points that will make you understand the importance of this gesture for our environment.


Together, let's protect our eco-system

46 Seconds to understand

Tossing your used cigarette butts on the ground, a reflex with far-reaching consequences: Covering of the issue in video.

The impact on wildlife

This study is the work of students at the University of Texas. The risks of ingesting cigarette butts by animals whether they are marine or terrestrial are real. By eating a cigarette butt an animal can die by choking or poisoning, or suffer from under-nutrition.

Somes figures

In the world, 137,000 butts are thrown per second. In France, it is estimated that 70 billion of cigarette butts are produced each year. The cigarette butt is ranked in 1st place of the "Top 10 garbage collected on the beaches"...

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