The ashtray at your fingertips, the portable ashtray of tomorrow.

1. Take an ashtray

2. Throw the cigarette butt in

3. Fold the Ashtray

4. Discard it

in a trash can


The Free Ashtray Dispenser

To limit littering of cigarette butts in public spaces, we have created a device that meets the expectations of public authorities and citizens. Unlike traditional urban furniture, the Zeromegot free ashtray dispenser allows smokers to be mobilized and to raise awareness among them of the environment in a practical, innovative and effective manner.

Become an influencer of eco-gestures

A city of 10,000 inhabitants with 3,500 smokers will litter 4,500,000 cigarette butts per year in public spaces. Fight against this pollution and reduce your cleaning expenses by engaging an eco-responsible approach with us.

Because the world is not an ashtray

Throwing a cigarette butt on the streets or in the nature has a much more profound impact on the environment than you think. It is a real global environmental disaster. Join Zéromégot in its commitment to protect our environment.

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